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April 29th, 2010

Hello Kitty Tote Bags

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Hello Kitty Tote Bags

Do comic strips in the newspaper make you laugh? Perhaps you prefer colorful comic books about the adventures of superheroes? Or maybe you like cartoons on television or animated movies? Whatever your choice, chances are you enjoy some form of cartoons and comics.
One of the most famous cartoon characters of today is San Rio’s Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty has become an icon over the years either in fashion and accessories for both young and old; an icon that gives happiness to girls of all ages. One of Hello Kitty’s famous items for girls is the Hello Kitty Tote Bags.

Girls always wanted their get up to be attractive. They see to it that what they wear and how they look will be both useful and comfortable to carry. Most of the time, they make their things fashionable as much as possible. Women of all ages love to use things which can be both a necessity and an accessory as well. For sure, they would always want to dress and accessorize their selves with stuffs that really show the character and fun of being a woman. One of the most multi-tasked accessories of girls is the bags they carry. Generally, women would love to wear bags which compliment their outfits and are comfortable to carry. Beside of good looking guys, it is one of the fetishes of girls – bags, bags, and bags!

No need to worry girls! Hello Kitty Tote Bags is here and coming near you!

First, let us define tote bag. A tote bag is a large handbag or shopping bag.
So now, let us see what kind of Hello Kitty Tote Bag is match for you.

First in line is Hello kitty cupcake tote. This blue tote features an all over pattern of turquoise cupcakes with Hello Kitty heads. Vinyl key chain of a cupcake with pink icing and a strawberry top attached. Short double straps. Fuchsia lined with inside zip pocket. Its measurement is fifteen by three by fourteen centimeters. It’s the kind of a hello kitty tote bag that cute girls would love to have. It’s the tote that carries make-up and other essential things in everyday travel.

Hello kitty two tone tote bag follows the lead. This kind of Hello Kitty tote bag is 100% heavyweight ten ounce cotton canvas two tone tote bag with outside pocket carries all of your goodies in style. Top quality with extra wide and long straps for comfort carrying. They are machine washable, dry-cleanable, non-fading and non-toxic. – 100% cotton canvas. It measures twenty two by fifteen by five centimeters. This one is a must-have for pretty girls out there.
For the hip and hyped gals out there, Hello kitty boom box speaker tote bag is so much fun to have. You’ve got to prepare your shoulders for this one heavy stuff. This hello kitty tote bag is a heavyweight one. It is forty by thirty four centimeters leather look tote bag with built in speakers. 3.5mm audio jack. Isn’t it hip? Get hyped!
Here comes the combination. Hello kitty and power puff girls canvass tote bag is here. This kind of hello kitty tote bag is for people who got two characters. In addition with hello kitty, power puff girls appeared! You cannot be only Hello Kitty but also be one of the fascinating power puff girls. Lucky girl! You can be both! This hello kitty tote bag is a canvas bags with wooden beads at the handles. It is fourteen inches wide and has a length of twelve inches. The zipper is at the top.

The rock star is on the run. Rock stars can also be a cutie and so girly at the same time. This one is a hello kitty tote bag which has a canvas of a rock star with Hello Kitty screen print and appliqué on front and back. It has a snap main compartment closure. The inner lining has more contrast than the other bags and it also has an inner zip pocket. It measures eighteen by sixteen by two centimeters.

Lastly, but never the least is Hello kitty tartan bow tote bag. This kind can also be a purse at the same time. It is made using the cutest yellow Hello Kitty cotton fabric and red tartan cotton lining. This bag has black and white striped straps, a red bow in pink heart handmade brooch, Velcro and an inside pocket! It measures 22 centimeters in length and eleven centimeters in width. This is one of the newest designs in the market today. It can be used as a purse or as a grocery bag, shopping bag and other necessities. Let’s stop using plastic bags. Let’s love and protect the earth. Use cute reusable bags.
Have fun and be fashionable! Wear Hello Kitty Tote Bags. Go and get it. Now!

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