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April 28th, 2010

Hello Kitty Messenger Bag

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Hello Kitty Messenger Bag

Hello Kitty has a name on everything – except liquors and cigarettes. But like cigars and liquors, Hello Kitty is as addictive as these two things. Besides of being a fashion statement, it has become our way of showing the real characters we have. And goes with the character is the attitude. The attitudes to simply attract with the Hello Kitty item you wear or carry. Hello Kitty character gives out fun, adventure, beauty and wit to the bearers. Absolutely, Hello Kitty will not be worn out like the other brands.

Besides of clothes, accessories, bedding set and several types of bag, Hello kitty is now giving you the Hello Kitty Messenger bag. First is the Hello Kitty Messenger bag with bow. This kind if bag would be a great gift for all occasions. Indeed it is. This bag was not exactly what we thought it would be like. The description did not say what type of material the bag is made of. You know how most type of backpack/book bags is cloth-like on the outside and plastic/vinyl-like on the inside. Well, we mistakenly assumed that the bag was like this. It was not, it is just a plastic/vinyl type of material outside and in. The bag is very cute. Though it can’t be used on school, you can still use it for your little things to put on.

Next is the Hello Kitty Messenger bag- book bag. This Hello Kitty messenger bag is very fashionable and convenient in size for any Hello Kitty fanatics. It features big space to store gadgets and personal belonging. It has one zipper pocket and dancing Hello Kitty & Puppy artwork graphic in front.

Hello Kitty Black messenger bag and notebook pen is for the rock gals out there. Black yet still cutie. This color won’t fade out of time, and it measures 11×14 centimeters. It has a strong canvas material. It has padded shoulder straps which are adjustable. It also includes snap front closure and snap back compartment closure. And there goes the bonus – a notebook and pen.

Hello Kitty Messenger bags aren’t cute all the time. There is also the Hello Kitty Large Messenger bag. It measures 12 by 16 inches approximately. It is stylish with its flip over cover. It has a zipper closure inside and the shoulder straps are adjustable.

Hello Kitty Messenger bag comes with a bottle! With Hello Kitty School bag-kitty messenger bag with bottle, you can’t only put your things in it. You can bring water with you with your messenger bag. The bag measures 12in x 13in approximately. It features two roomy compartments inside, one big front zipper pocket with Hello Kitty and flowers graphic. It has two convenient side pockets to hold bottle and accessories. Like the other messenger bags, it has also adjustable shoulder strap. What’s great is the bag comes with a water bottle.

Get trendy with Hello Kitty Messenger bags. Not later but now!

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