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April 29th, 2010

Hello Kitty Radio

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Hello Kitty Radio

Technology has become even better nowadays. But before computers, mp3s and i pods have been invented, radio was the major necessity during the past. People will listen to news and not so often listen to music. But now that the new age has begun, not only the oldies will have their news. Little girls will have a different taste in music listening through the Hello Kitty Radios.

Hello Kitty radio will give fun to your boring radio sessions. While having a cup of coffee, you can now be updated and jam at the same time together with Hello kitty. There would be a lot of fun. Isn’t it?
Hello Kitty Radio may vary to their sizes and styles. And it may be used in different functions. Some may function as clock radio and others may be a simple AM/FM stereo. Nevertheless, here are some varieties of Hello Kitty Radio. Choose one and have fun!
First in line is Hello Kitty Clock Radio KT2055 with Nightlight. This kind of Hello Kitty radio functions as a clock radio. It looks adorable in any child’s room. It has 0.6″ red LED digital display; AM/FM radio with slide-rule tuning; snooze/repeat alarm; wake to radio or buzzer alarm; 24-hour set and forget alarm system; fall asleep to music with auto shutoff timer; AM and alarm indicators; 2.25″ wide range dynamic speaker; headphone jack for private listen and fail-safe battery backup system for time and alarm settings. This will keep those sleepy heads awake when they are on schedule.

Next is the Hello Kitty CD Boom Box with AM/FM Stereo Radio KT2028. This Hello Kitty radio includes tons of cool features and the classic Hello Kitty logo in the design. This boom box will have you singing in no time. While jamming to your favorite tunes, add fun to your room with the classic Hello Kitty logo on the design.
The last but never the least is Hello Kitty Clock Radio KT2051. Fall asleep to soothing tunes with this lovely pink Hello Kitty Clock Radio with a sleep function up to 1 hour and 59 minutes. This Hello Kitty Radio comes equipped with the always-welcome snooze button. It includes a 0.6″ LED display, radio/alarm wake option and battery back-up function for power outages.