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April 29th, 2010

Hello Kitty Movie

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The 3 Reasons to Love the Hello Kitty Movie

You may wonder what’s behind every Hello Kitty movie that makes every mom want it for their children and children asking them from their moms. Here are the 3 good reasons as to why Hello Kitty movies are the perfect children’s pastime and mommy’s best way of making their children stay home. In this article you will be reading the different episodes of Hello Kitty, the possible cost of each movie copy and where to find them.

1. They come in different volumes and episodes with a good DVD copy.

This cute little character has never failed in making the whole world want and adore her. And this season, Hello Kitty products are once again providing you another exciting offer – a DVD copy of Hello Kitty movies in different volumes. And among the included movie episodes of Hello Kitty that you would surely love are the following:
Kitty and the Kong – Hello Kitty spent a very exciting and adventurous day with her new found friend Kong and together finds a way on how to outwit Catnip and her evil plans once again. In the wonderful city of New York, this movie provides a never ending fun and adventure.
The Kitty Terrestrial K.T. – Hello Kitty and her parents come to planet Earth to spend some time together but soon Kitty gets lost while she roams around. An evil scientist Catnip wants to have Kitty and pursue her bad plans for her. Now Kitty must find her way back to her parents with the help of her new found friends.
Paws-The Great White Dog Shark – Feel the exciting adventure as Hello Kitty together with lifeguard Sam and Dr. Chip stop the attack of a dreaded great white dog-shark that threatens the wonderful Catalina Island.
The Wizard of Paws – Discover the magical land of Paws when Hello Dorothy is moved from her furry home and brought to a magical island. Join our princess, Tin Penguin, Scarecrow Chip and Cowardly Rabbit on their exciting journey to a place they have never seen and find a wonderful wizard.
Cat Wars – Kitty and her closest friends Master Fluke, C-3Sealo and Hop2-D2 unite to save the planet Caturn and the entire kitty universe from Darth Catnip who wishes to take over. Discover another adventurous day as they find a way on how to beat Catnip’s evil plans.

2. All Hello Kitty movies are very affordable.

You don’t have to worry about not being able to grab a copy on any of these Hello Kitty movies because they come in very affordable prices. Get the chance to own one of Kitty’s cheapest movie value for $9.00 or even the highest price of $18.00. Depending on the number of volumes and episodes, prices may also vary. Hello Kitty DVD movies are guaranteed of good quality and of superb image display so no rooms for thoughts of wasting money and effort.

3. You can purchase them online.

These movies are made available online. Others are of free to download. You can also go to Hello Kitty official site and ask for more details on how you can order the movie you want or even the complete set of episodes. Online complete package of Hello Kitty movies are provided with prices, some movie details and free product shipping for your convenience and satisfaction.
This is really something your youngsters will enjoy. If you have a child who is celebrating her birthday the next days or want to surprise a dear girl with a very exciting present, then this is the perfect gift to give.