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April 28th, 2010

Hello Kitty Invitations

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14 Random Facts to all First-time Moms who are in Search of Hello Kitty Invitations

If you are a mom who is in search of the perfect Hello Kitty invitations to give your guests for this coming birthday celebration of your little girl, then you will find this article perfect for you. Presented here are the 14 important facts that are helpful to your party plans.

1. Hello Kitty invitations have different designs styles and colors. What most moms love about Hello Kitty invitations are their attractive colors and unique style that capture the attention of little kids.

2. Though Hello Kitty is usually seen in pink, you cannot expect her invitation to have only one plain color.

3. There is always a fun combination of blue, red, orange, white, yellow, black and purple on every card. The best thing about it? They are highly printed on a paper made of high quality materials.

4. Designs and styles of Hello Kitty invitations are highly unique. You can choose from the following formats: folded, flat form, tri-fold and pop-up with different dimensions.

5. Hello Kitty invitations are available online. Several selections and great offers are made available online.

6. Purchasing the invitation online is also a good way of getting one if you don’t have enough time to personalize the invitation all by yourself.

7. Some Hello Kitty invitations are currently unavailable and are still subject for some reviews.

8. To successfully come up with the best Hello Kitty invitation deals, make sure to read the product details including the availability, cost, mode of payment, shipment process and other important terms and conditions of the item.

9. You can actually make your own Hello Kitty invitation. Personalizing your own invitation is ideal if you have enough time and attention to do the work.

10. You can let your kids help you in your task of coloring, designing and styling your personalize Hello Kitty invitation. This is a good way to share happy and fun moments together.

11. You can add your little girl’s photo in front of the invitation to make it more attractive and elegant. You can decorate it with theme stickers and write the party details inside the card.

12. Card size may have the following dimensions: 3.50 x 2.50, 4.56 x 6.18, 5.00 x 7.00, 5.25 x 5.25 and 7.00 x 5.00 in inches.

13. Each set of invitations may only let you pay $25.00 – $47.00 with 25 colorful and attractive Hello Kitty invitations inside an envelope.

14. Each piece may be sold for $1.00 – $1.90. If you are personalizing your invitation, it would let you spend much more than that of the one sold in packs that are ready for use.
If you plan her party ahead of time, you can make clearer and more precise decisions. So carefully take each step one by one and consider the number of invited guests. To add up to the excitement and color, prepare party games for them and make the party foods appealing and tasty in their eyes. Don’t forget to include Hello Kitty in her once a year birthday celebration.

April 27th, 2010

The 4 Interesting Questions about Hello Kitty Invitations for First-time Moms

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Is this your first time to hold a party for your little girl? If yes, then you will surely love reading this article. Presented here are the top four interesting questions about Hello Kitty invitations, its style, designs and colors, where to find them and other information helpful to your party plans. Find out if you have the same questions to ask.

1. What are the different styles and colors of Hello Kitty invitation cards?

Designed for kid’s party invitation, Hello Kitty cards provide the most number of colored Hello Kitty artworks and fonts making it a top choice to most moms and kids. Each card has its different shades though Hello Kitty is known for its attractive pink color. If you like it blue, red, white and purple, Hello Kitty has always a ready stock to surprise you more than you expect. The cards styles and forms are also highly unique. It comes in different paper sizes. Made of quality paper, you cannot just simply resist Hello Kitty’s printed charm and beauty in her invitations.

2. Are Hello Kitty invitations available online?

Yes. In fact, online shops provide the best offer of most Hello Kitty products. Purchasing them online gives you the chance to pick out the best invitation out form the hundred styles and forms available in the easiest and fastest time possible. It provides the most convenient way to moms who only have few remaining days to plan out everything.  However, purchasing invitations online requires you to follow some careful advice since it is always possible for your desired invitation to become out of stock or currently unavailable. To avoid falling into problems, read carefully the product description and all the possible details of the item. And be sure to understand the terms and conditions before you request for a product delivery right in your front door.

3. Is it possible for moms to come up with their own personalized Hello Kitty invitations?

Yes. For first-time moms who are not still familiar on how to make Hello Kitty invitations, they can go to various websites that provides a step by step instruction on how to perfectly design, style and color a Hello Kitty invitation however, this requires enough time and attention since you will be starting over and if you are sure your availability, better choose the other option of buying them online instead. For moms who love to spend time with their kids, this is a great way for you to bond and have fun with them.

4. How much is the cost of each invitation packs?

The cost of each set depends on the number of invitations inside the pack. Normally the price of each piece of Hello Kitty invitation is $1.00-$1.90 and each pack consisting of 25 invitations would normally cost $25.00 – $47.00. It is just light and easy to almost all moms budget. But if you are planning to make your own personalize invitation, be sure to prepare enough amount for the materials and all other stuffs you will need to come up with an attractive and unique invitations.

Finding your little girl’s favorite Hello Kitty invitation in just one click is such an exciting task to do, however taking the effort to manually do it and allowing them to help you in designing and coloring these cards brings a different feeling of satisfaction. For more information about how you can perfectly make her party successful, try to search and read additional details available at Hello Kitty’s official site.